Saturday, December 10, 2016
This chart is for our customers to use with the understanding that rates are subject to change without notice. The information is based on current, approved NorthWestern Energy electric and natural gas rates in Montana. All rate information is considered to be public knowledge.
Residential Electric Rates
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 4Supply as of December 1, 2016
Residential Supply-Energy  3 ESS-1
Residential Supply Deferred Costs  3 ESS-1
Residential Transmission Energy  3 ESS-1
Residential Distribution Energy  2 REDS-1
Residential BPA Exchange Credit  2 REDS-1
Residential CTC-QF  2 CTC-QF-1
Residential USBC  2 E-USBC-1
Residential Distribution Service Charge  1 REDS-1
Rates are listed separately on the billing statement as required by law.
1, 2 NorthWestern Energy provides distribution services regardless of a customer’s choice of supplier and bills the customer for the regulated services.
3 Supply and Transmission Rates for Supply are regulated by the PSC. Prices for Choice Supply and Transmission are set by the competitive supplier with which the customer enters into a contract.
4 Electric and natural gas trackers allow Supply rates to increase or decrease based on changes to market prices. Actual costs are passed directly to customers without profit.